The Secret Love Project is a registered charity dedicated to helping the homeless in Cape Town. We offer people who have been marginalised and neglected by society a lifeline out of extreme poverty and a fresh path to re-integration into society.  We provide anyone in need a way to make their own money, become self-sufficient, and enjoy acceptance by the community. Using love as our currency, we invite anyone and everyone to join us in our mission to make the world a better place. Whether you need help or are able to help The Secret Love Project is a community collaboration that enables people of all walks of life to contribute to building a better and more inclusive society. Adding compassion to the fabric of city life makes Cape Town a happier, healthier, safer and more beautiful place to be. Sound like your kind of world? Join Us!



10,000 free heart sticker packs every month


Each month we provide 10,000 free heart sticker packs to the homeless to sell to motorists at R20 each. They keep 100% of their sales which amounts to R200,000 a month (R2,4million per year) going directly into the hands of the most needy in our community. With more than 150 registered sellers and the immediate, positive impact the project has on their lives, the demand for heart stickers has increased exponentially each month, with new sellers joining every week. Most of whom, for the very first time feel like they are given an opportunity go straight to work and immediately feel  welcomed by society.

The project was founded by artist Michael Elion and in order for the project to sustain itself and grow it needs external funding. Please get in touch if you know of individuals or companies who might like to invest or partner with us. As a registered charity we are authorised by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) to issue Section 18A tax deduction certificates for donations from individuals or companies. 

Here’s a useful article on tax deductions through donations.

Please use this link, SARS to verify our status as an offical PBO.

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400% return on your on your charitable investment

If a hedge fund manager guaranteed you 400% returns on your investment realised in 30 days would you invest? Of course! So if a charity guarantees you that your monetary donation will be multiplied to four times its value and the entire amount would go to the destitute people who need it, wouldn’t you donate?  The Secret Love Project does this magic every day!